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Scaling DevTools asks "how can I grow my DevTool startup?"

We don't care how AWS increased quarterly earnings by 3% or how Oracle hired their 10,000th employee.

We do care how Supabase grows by making memes on Twitter

And we care how PostHog pivoted during YC

We cut through the noise and help you figure out what actually matters for DevTool startups.

Developer Marketing

We interview some of the best developer marketers on the planet, like Ant Wilson from Supabase and Kuba from Developer Markepear

Developer Experience (DX)

We ask not just why some companies have good developer experience but how. Including some of the companies with the best developer experience in the world like ngrok

Developer Relations (DevRel)

What is DevRel? Do you need to do it? How do you do it well? We speak to some of the best in the game like Jason Lengstorf and swyx and answer the hard questions.