Clerk is a an authentication API that focuses on providing UI out the box, particularly for JavaScript developers.


Clerk was founded in June 2019 by brothers Colin Sidoti and Braden Sidoti - originally as a rails gem. Clerk has raised $29m to date.

Clerks's growth strategies

  • DevEx - drop a component & get a signup screen. Has to be faster than free, open source alternatives.
  • Helping with compliance - e.g. NIST 80063B
  • Growing with Jamstack - Clerk has tailored its offering to jamstack developers and always has up-to-date UI and docs for react
  • Sponsorship/influence - in the early days, tweets from Guillermo Rauch helped and now Clerk sponsors technical content creators like Theo and Traversy Media. It works extra well because people like their product.

Interview with Colin Sidoti, Cofounder of Clerk

"What does it look like if we give everything out the box?"

Colin Sidoti, Clerk

The pivot - from rails gem to jamstack

Colin & Braden originally built a rails gem but they quickly pivoted to builing for the jamstack community after discovering they were much more excited about drop-in authentication.

Ideas for your next team meeting

  • Are you focusing on a specific community? Are you focusing on the right community?
  • Is your tool significantly faster than free DIY implementations?
  • Is there more that you could give out the box?
  • If your product is already loved, have you tried sponsoring creators?

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