Polypane is a browser built specifically for developers


Polypane was founded in March 2019 by indie developer Kilian Valkhof. Polypane is bootstrapped and profitable.

Key Growth strategies

  • Great email onboarding process
  • Kilian's personal Twitter brand
  • Great case studies

Interview with Kilian Valkhof, Founder of Polypane

"I did everything wrong in email marketing but now it works"

Kilian Valkhof, Polypane

Deep dive on Polypane's email onboarding

  • The marketing expert's strategies didn't work
  • Two types of emails during the trial: 1. status updates (e.g. you're halfway through) 2. information gathering
  • Ask them why they don't convert after the trial (frequently they just didn't get time to try it)
  • I purposely don't design the emails well. They are simple.
  • Email responses go directly to Kilian
  • New cadence is an order of magnitude better than initial state

Cadence of email onboarding:

  • One day after: How to get the best out of your Polypane trial (getting started tutorial & video)
  • A few days in: Quick question - let me know what you like/don't like
  • Halfway - email with customer testimonial. Good testimonials e.g. what takes 30 mins in Chrome takes 6 mins in Polypane.
  • 3 days before - reminder it's almost over and option to extend it
  • 24 hours left - link them to an ROI calculator to justify Polypane or realise they can ask their employer
  • Trial ended - another email trial ended, here's a link to subscribe
  • 2 weeks out - if anything missing let me know
  • 3 weeks out - here's what we've done since you've been gone

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