DevCycle is a feature flag management tool


DevCycle was founded in 2014 originally as Taplytics (an A/B testing tool) by Jonathan Norris, Aaron Glazer, Andrew Norris and Cobi Druxeman, raising $7.8m. Despite creating a million dollar business, in 2022, they raised $5m and pivoted to DevCycle.

Key Growth strategies

  • Focus on develper experience
  • Developing an open source standard SDK

Interview with Jonathan Norris, Brad Van Vugt and Andrew MacLean

"It's not about building the flashiest and most marketable features"

Jonathan Norris, DevCycle

Managing a pivot

  • Have good relationships with your big customers
  • Ensure continuity for your customers

Read more about the pivot

What is developer experience?

  • It's not about building the flashiest and most marketable features.
  • It's about continually iterating on the core features.
  • Open-source & standardise interfaces

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