Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. Postgres database, Authentication, Edge Functions, Storage, and Vector embeddings.


Founded in January 2020 by Ant Wilson and Paul Copplestone, they've raised $116m to date.

Key Growth strategies

  • Positioning themselves as open source firebase - it was a turning point in the journey
  • Social media - especially Twitter (90k+ followers), especially memes. They're funny.
  • Launch weeks - they just did their 9th launch week with community events in multiple cities
  • Regular appearances on Hacker News frontpage & multiple successful product hunt launches (6000+ upvotes across 11 launches)
  • Community - Supabase is definitely an identity for a lot of developers & has spawned supabase-specific builders & content creators

Interview with Supabase founder Ant Wilson

"you have to try every channel and every strategy to know what works"

Ant Wilson
  • How the Launchpad book showed Ant that building a company is possible
  • Product Market Fit is always just a pivot away
  • Differences between pre-PMF and post-PMF
  • How Supabase stay on top of and prioritise huge volumes of product feedback
  • How Supabase positions itself to hobbyists/startups and bigger enterprise companies - DX and scalability.
  • Supabase's Twitter strategy
  • Trial & error in marketing
  • How does Supabase measure marketing?
  • Spaced repetition in marketing
  • Databases are very sticky
  • The future of Supabase
  • The difficulties of hiring non-technical people (Supabase is hiring!)

Interview with Supabase's first marketer Ramiro Nuñez Dosio

  • The Supabase marketing approach
  • Launch weeks at Supabase
  • Keeping focus
  • Marketing processes
  • How to measure success
  • How to distribute content

More on Supabase

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